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Chakra Angel Oracle Card Readings Chakra Deck

Angel Card Readings


Have Questions?


Do YOU have some questions that you'd like to have answered? Looking for some guidance or direction? We can find the answers to YOUR questions. Multiple decks available.

Chakra Angel Oracle Card Readings Chakra Deck-Revealed
Angel Oracle Card Readings Nature Spirit Deck

Need Direction?


An Angel card reading can be a a stand alone service, or as an addition to a Reiki & Sound Healing Session. You will still receive Reiki during the reading, even if you're not on the table. You choose how the time is divided.

Find Out What's Blocking You?


We often have blocks that we're unaware of. When a chakra is blocked energetically, it usually manifests as a physical or mental dis-ease and pain.

Angel Oracle Card Readings Nature Spirit Deck-Revealed

Until we deal with the energetic blockage, then the problem will continue to present itself. This may be pulling the same relationship back to you, with different partners, again and again.

Find Out Which
Chakras Need Healing?


Also called oracle cards, these cards will provide you with insight into whatever you would like to ask them.

The Chakra Healing Deck helps you to identify which chakras are in need of balancing. Once you know which chakras you're working with, it makes your journey MUCH easier!


What Kind Of Questions?


There are various types of card spreads we can use, depending on the type of questions you have. If it's a question of Option A or Options B, that's a two card spread.

You can look at situations or things that are blocking you and how to move forward with the issues. You can ask just about anything. If you ask how to win the lottery, then you're out of luck; it doesn't work that way!

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