7 Principle Chakras

Mudras & Mantras


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What is a Mudra?

A Mudra is like yoga for the hands. You place your fingers and hands in various position to channel the energy in the bodies. The most commonly know is Gyan mudra pictured.


What is a Mantra?

A Mantra is a sound, word, or phase repeated over and over again. The most commonly known is OM. The sounds/frequencies that you are resonating assist energy in flow.


Learn to Clear YOUR Chakras 

This course is to help assist you in clearing your chakras regularly through sounds and hand movements, chakra by chakra. This practice of resonating vibrations, in combination with connecting and engaging the chakras of the hands, assists with energy flow in the body.

Step by Step Instruction

We will first learn the Mantras (sounds) for each of the 7 principle chakras, begining with the root chakra. Then we will practice the sound, before moving on to the next Mantra.


After completing the Mantras, we will begin learning the Mudras (hang yoga), one by one, beginning with the root chakra. We will practice each movement, before learning the next.

We will then combine the Mantras and Mudras. There will be the opportunity to practice, to help you feel comfortable with the movements and sounds.


You will also receive a document visually outlining both the Mudras and Mantras. You are welcome to print and bring with you for 'In Person' courses. For the 'Virtual' courses, you will receive a Zoom private link, once you have registered and paid.

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