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Spirituality & Energy Retreat
June 16-21, 2024

Spiritual Retreat-Manitoulin Isld-Beach Panoramic
Spiritual Retreat-Manitoulin Isld-Beach
Spiritual Retreat-Manitoulin Isld-View From Cabin Balcony
Spiritual Retreat-Manitoulin Isld-Picnic Benches
Spiritual Retreat-Manitoulin Isld-Beach-Clear Water-Lake Huron
LOVE Heart In Sand

Manitoulin (Spirit) Island

Spirit Island - Summer Solstice Spirituality Retreat!


A week of spirituality, healing, connection, reflection, bonfires on the beach, Reiki, an agenda of spiritual events/ceremonies to deepen your understanding, further your spiritual expansion and journey. Including sound healing on the beach, visual meditations, release, cleansing, cord cutting, and manifestation.


This spiritual retreat is designed to help you: further develop your current gifts, expand your consciousness, expose you to various forms of meditation, including breath work and altered states of consciousness. Raise your vibration and release what's weighing you down, with other like-minded souls. 

Spiritual Retreat-Manitoulin Isld-Cabins Picnic Benches Center
Spiritual Retreat-Manitoulin Isld-Beach Bonfire-Lake Huron

This retreat falls over the summer solstice portal of energy. The longest day of the year and most amount of light. The veil is thin at that time of year. Additionally, the veil is very thin on spirit island.


There are a number of spiritual events throughout the course of the day, Monday to Thursday. All but a few of these events are attendance optional. So if you feel you would just like to relax, that is also an option.

Spiritual Retreat-Manitoulin Isld-Bridal Veil Falls Overhead View
Spiritual Retreat-Manitoulin Isld-Wildlife-Butterfly Finger
Spiritual Retreat-Manitoulin Isld-Beach-Lake Huron3

We will complete a series of ceremonies, to maximize the cosmic energy portal for cleansing, cord cutting, awareness, expansion/growth, healing, and manifestation.


You will have an opportunity for down-time on your own every day. Each morning we will be observing “quiet mornings“* until 12 PM. Any silent and preferably individual activity (hand written journaling is encouraged).

Spiritual Retreat-Manitoulin Island-Beach Mandala
Spiritual Retreat-Manitoulin Isld-Cabins Bocce Court Above2_edited.jpg
Spiritual Retreat-Manitoulin Isld-Cabins Map
Sound Healing Beach

Often some of the best downloads/messages that we receive are when we allow silent reflection; to make space for the messages to come through.



Dominion Bay West Cottage-Manitoulin Island.jpg
Dominion Bay Central Cottage-Manitoulin Island.jpg
Spiritual Retreat-Manitoulin Isld-Cabins Center Fire Pit
Spiritual Retreat-Manitoulin Isld-Cabin Exterior
  • Journaling

  • Walking the beach

  • Meditating

  • Sleeping in

  • Silent Reflection 

  • Yoga

  • Swimming 

  • Any activity that is silent

Spirit island, more commonly known as Manitoulin Island holds two Guinness world book records. 

  1. The largest island within a lake in the world. 

  2. The largest lake within an island, within a lake, in the world.

Dominion Bay East Cottage-Manitoulin Island.jpg

SUNDAY June 16th:

Check In 5-9 PM

(Get acquainted in cabin)


Important Information - Please Read

  • There are 3 cabins. There are ONLY 2 private room options. All other rooms can be shared-two beds/room.

  • 2 of the shared bedrooms include sliding door & balcony.

  • The bedroom choices are first come first serve (50% deposit required to secure your spot.) BOOK MY SPOT NOW

  • Please advise if you plan to share with someone. The second person/room is only $600.

  • There is one shared pot luck meal between the group on the Thursday.

Spiritual Retreat-Manitoulin Isld-Cabins Front Porch-Above_edited.jpg
  • All beds are memory foam and very comfy. 

  • Pillows and bedding are provided.

  • The tapwater is safe to drink (It is filtered).

  • There is no Wi-Fi (you are encouraged to disconnect from technology)

  • Cell signal can sometimes be spotty. Best reception at beach.
  • Choosing vegetarian/vegan options will give you the best spiritual experience. 

  • NO shower or beach towels provided.

  • Early Bird special price until March 30th.


Please Click The Links To Take A Video Tour Of The Following:


 Front Yard Panoramic Scan

Bonfire On The Beach With Real Waves & Toads Singing

Learn POI Beach

Panoramic Scan of the Beach and Bay

Health benefits to brain & body: Learn POI


Retreat Events To Deepen YOUR Spiritual/Meditation Practice


The Agenda is designed to give you both structured events and unstructured time to relax, reflect, explore the island, or whatever feels in alignment. (Agenda may be subject to change)


Check In Sunday, June 16th, 2023 4-9 PM

Scheduled Events Sunday 16th -Thursday 20th

Full Day at Leisure and Check Out Friday 21st 6-8PM

List Spiritual Events
  • Opening circle and ice breaking activities

  • Yoga on the beach

  • Beginner POI class on beach (As pictured)

  • Sound healing on the beach

  • Fire gazing meditation ceremony (burn chords/attachments)

  • 'Solstice Portal Fire Ceremony' on beach (participants collect dead-fall to make fire mandala) solstice ceremony

  • Time for silent meditation and journaling

  • Nightly bonfires on the beach. (Weather permitting)

  • Intuitive movement class

  • Voice elevation class with toning

  • Water programming class

  • Angel/Oracle card reading as a group

  • Lake Huron water cleanse ceremony

  • Visit to Bridal veil Falls (Pictured)

  • Nighttime Poi performance

  • Conscious Cannabis Ceremony (optional)

  • Dance party

  • Salsa class

  • Group potluck meal celebration!

  • Sharing circle and closing ceremony 

Bridal Veil Falls


Views From The Cabins

The Beach & Clear Water At Your Doorstep

Payment Info

Booking Information:

  • Cottages/Cabins are 5 beds in 3 bedrooms.

  • The bedroom choices are first come first serve (50% deposit required to secure your spot.)

  • Early bird pricing until March 30th, 2024.

  • Please send E-transfers to

  • For all rooms with two beds, please specify with whom you're sharing the room.


For any further questions, please e-mail

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