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Limited Time Pricing: $50

Out With The Old 2022
Make Way For The NEW 2023

How To Manifest 101 Course

Join Me To Learn The Most Effective Ways to Manifest: Tips & Tricks


Are YOU Using Effective Phrasing?

Learn How To Work w/ The Universe

What do you say when you're manifesting? The words that we use and how we express ourselves during manifestation is VERY important. Learn the most effective way to phrase your manifestations.

Eliminate Blocks

We often have our own Blocks that we're not even aware of. They can be: filters through which we see things, limiting phrases, programs, or patterns; which affect our ability to manifest effectively. You could be unwittingly blocking your path to abundance.


Many of us try to force things to happen, which doesn't work. We are connected to the universe, rather than separate from it. In order to effectively manifest, you must do so in a way that aligns with the universal laws.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Worrying is a complete waste of time!!

The universe doesn’t know the difference between what you want and what you’re worried about. Be mindful about where you place your attention!


Please Note:

You will also receive a document visually outlining the course information. You are welcome to print and bring with you for 'In Person' courses. (if you've paid in advance); if you haven't paid in advance, you will receive the PDF following the course. For the 'Virtual' courses, you will receive a Zoom private link, once you have registered and paid.


Space VERY Limited!!
For In Person Courses!!


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*(Virtual & In Person Options)

Virtual Zoom Course Dates:

Wednesday, February 2nd @ 7-8:30PM


In Person Course Dates:

Sunday, February 6th @



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