Crystals 101 Course

Crystals 101

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Hematite in Selenite Bowl

Learn To Pick Which Crystal Is For YOU?

When you look at the bowl of crystals do YOU know how to choose the one that's at YOUR vibration?

Crystals 101: Smudging vs. Offerings

How To Cleanse?

& Smudging Vs. Offerings

Learn the difference between which sacred plant medicines are for cleansing/smudging purposes versus as an offering. Learn how to use both.

Crystals 101: Meanings

Uses & Meanings

Learn some common crystals used for healing. Learn what they mean and when to use crystals. What you're drawn to & Why?

Crystal Grids

Learn how to use crystals in grids, such as the flower of life and to make your own. We discuss placement, charging, etc.

Crystals 101: Flower of Life Grid
Crystals 101: Programmed Baths
Crystals 101: How To Grids

Programming Crystals & Baths

Learn how to program crystals, to work with you, or on your manifestations, etc. Learn how to protect yourself from other people's negative energy, EMF pollution, and harmful vibrations. Learn how to use them for a healing bath with programmed both crystals (including salt crystals) and water.


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Wednesday, December 15th @ 7-8:30PM


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Sunday, December 19th @