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Functional Fitness Session

Functional Fitness

  • 1 h
  • 50 Canadian dollars
  • Reiki Releases Studio-Georgetown

Service Description

What is Functional Fitness? Functional Fitness is a series of movements that will benefit your body. It will correct compensations, wake up muscles that have been on a coffee break (possibly for years), get your stabilizing muscles firing and train them to balance in all situations. So often stabilization muscles, or balance in general, are overlooked. However, balance and stability and two of the most important elements of our day to day movement. If you train those stabilizing muscles to balance on things such as a Bosu ball (half ball) doing various activities to through you off balance, your body will be trained to keep you standing/upright, rather than lose your balance. You will be able to quickly react when you hit a patch of ice under the snow, catch the corner of a rug, hit a divet in the grass, step on a rock/pebble, or any other series of common events that happen regularly, that make you lose your footing. Avoiding the fall is avoiding the injury. When you've had an injury, such as rolling an ankle, you confuse the proprioceptors. They don't return to their uninterrupted state, without help. This is where functional fitness comes in. I will palpate (a technique using two fingers to lightly tap on the muscle that has disconnected from the brain) the muscle in question, during an exercise to engage the muscle. Palpation will wake up the muscle, just like tapping a sleeping person on the shoulder. Over time, through kinesthetic connection, I will rewire the circuitry of the brain and reconnect it to the "sleeping" muscle(s) through new synapses. What is a compensation? A compensation is something that your body does, that you don't even notice, while performing physical movement. It is a movement outside of your body's proper alignment. If you have gone over on the same ankle more than once, or have a shoulder that you injured in your youth, it can affect your bio-mechanics later in life. If we do not address the imbalances, then the core issue will never be resolved. An example of compensation is when someone limps, due to pain created by each step. Our body compensates, or "finds ways around" stepping in such a painful way. We will often use the opposite side of the body to help carry the load of our body weight. As we do so, it throws out the balance all the way up through our hip and shoulder girdle, right up to the top of our heads. Think of it as physio meets fitness. Correct compensations and be balanced.

Cancellation Policy

All sessions cancelled prior to 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time will be completely reimbursed. Any cancellations that are received the day of the appointment will be charged in full.

Contact Details


Georgetown, Halton Hills, ON, Canada

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